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Kitchen Interior with Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors in New Luxury Home

Building a home, barndominium, shop or establishing a new service? We can help you out with with a thoughtful approach to wiring both your AC and your data / low voltage needs. Skip the cookie-cutter experience and walk your floor plan with a licensed Master Electrician with experience in every all type of circuits you’ll need in your home. Get your home’s wiring installed thoughtfully, correctly, and once.

If your home needs some updates or repairs, we can help with that too. New pendant lights in the kitchen, a motion sensor at your driveway, replacing some outdated fixtures, updating your ceiling fans? We can guide you through the gauntlet of upgrading your home’s electrical system.

We can also repair existing electrical issues. Not sure why the outside lights don’t come on anymore? Kitchen GFCI always tripping? Breaker always tripping? Dead receptacle? We can fix it, and you’re welcome to ask our electricians to show you their readings, equations and findings. We are happy to explain exactly how we arrived each of our repair solutions.

Additionally, we can develop your land to fit your energy needs.

Ceiling Fan in front of the Coffered Ceiling
Beautiful Dining Room and Kitchen in New Luxury Home at Sunrise. Features Cross Hatch Beams on Ceiling and Sliding Glass Doors, along with Beautiful Pendant Light Fixtures
Elements of the wedding decor of the night ceremony