We are a Local, Veteran-Owned Electrical Contractor specializing in emergency whole house backup generators. Generac certified air-cooled and liquid-cooled technicians in the Wimberley area.


Whitehart Energy is your local ELITE Generac Dealer.  We have sold and installed over 90 home backup generators in the Wimberley area in the last 2 years.  We understand the unique challenges of the Texas Hill Country “rockscape”, typical home mechanicals (heating/cooling/wells and rainwater collection pumps) and our power grid.  We work closely with Pedernales Electric Coop, local Electrical Supply houses and Liquid Propane partners to get you a reasonable cost estimate, prompt equipment acquisition and professional turnkey installation.


We have certified air-cooled and liquid-cooled Generac technicians, which means we can service whole home and commercial systems.  We can also process warranty repairs directly with Generac.  That means no cost to you if you are under warranty (parts, labor and travel).


We offer maintenance on all of the systems we have installed plus another 30 home systems and several commercial generators in the immediate area.  Generac recommends a factory certified service after 25 run hours on their air-cooled units and then every 200 hours or every two years.  The service schedule is every 200 hours on the liquid-cooled units with a 100 hour initial checkup.  We maintain Generac generators with factory maintenance kits and the highest quality full synthetic oil.



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Whitehart Energy Excellence!

From start to finish, Whitehart Energy displayed professionalism and expertise. Their team was efficient, ensuring that the installation was completed smoothly and on schedule. The attention to detail was impressive, and they left no room for any concerns or issues.
Moreover, their customer service was exceptional. They patiently answered all my questions and provided valuable insights into maintaining and operating the generator effectively. It’s clear that they prioritize customer satisfaction.
I highly recommend Whitehart Energy to anyone in need of backup generator installation services. Their dedication to excellence and top-notch service make them a standout choice in the industry. Thank you, Whitehart Energy, for a job well done and the peace of mind!

Not just a dealer, a partner

We put in a 26kw Generac Guardian unit to backup our all-electric house. Our installation involved the standard load estimation/sizing discussion but also the identification and placement of necessary propane to power the system. Whitehart counseled us on local propane providers and advised us on proper placement of the tank and generator. Their master electricians integrated the transfer switch into our in-place electrical line with minimal disruption or additional modifications. All staff were courteous, willing to listen, efficient and on time. I highly recommend WhiteHart.

Great experience start to finish

It is rare that I take time to write reviews and in doing so offer a stellar review, but my experience with Chris and Chantal was so positive that I gladly endorse their services. Both Chris and Chantal are very knowledgeable, responsiveness and genuinely look out for the customer’s interests. Additionally, their pricing is reasonable and right sized the project to what was necessary while avoiding unneeded scope and cost. I would recommend them to anyone in my area seeking to install a Generac.

Outstanding expertise and customer service!

Chris provided a thorough evaluation of my property and calculated the power needed to run it. He explained how the Generac generator works, how it is matched to the property, the installation process, and the aftercare check-ups. Chantal kept me informed of my order’s status & scheduling, explained the app, and answered my many questions. Each step of the installation was just as presented. My property was respected and cared for; including Chad having moved some of my plants before bringing in the equipment. When I hear my generator excercise I am reminded of my full confidence in Whiteheart and Generac.

Great experience start to finish

Great people! Great service! You could not ask
for a better experience.