We are a Generac parts and Service company.  We can process warranty repairs directly with Generac.  That means no cost to you for any warranty issues if you are under warranty (parts, labor and travel). The typical warranty covers parts, labor and travel for 2 years from the activation date and up to 5 years on parts.  Generac also offers a number of extended warranties that comprehensively cover the unit for up to 10 years.  We can help you understand your existing warranty and counsel you on extended warranties.  If you want to purchase one, we provide concierge service to source and apply it directly to your unit for you.

Whitehart Energy is an Authorized Generac Service Company

That means we can provide warranty service for your Generac generator. We can also help you purchase and apply a five-, seven- or ten-year extended warranty for your Generac generator —even if you didn’t purchase your system through us. Most air-cooled generators can buy and apply extended warranties at any time within ten years after original purchase.  Liquid-cooled must be within the first year.

Here’s how Warranty Service works:

If there’s an issue with your generator, our staff will manage all aspects of warranty claims, from diagnosing the problem, to ordering parts, to scheduling a technician to repair your generator and completing and filing all the paperwork.  Generac will pay us to repair your system that is under warranty.

Protect your investment with a Generac extended warranty

In the long run, it’s much more expensive to repair your automatic home standby generator than to keep it under warranty. When you have a Generac warranty, our licensed technicians provide prompt service and the parts and labor are all covered by Generac.  The basic Generac warranty is essentially “bumper-to-bumper” for two years.  After that, we recommend adding a 7 or 10 year extended warranty.

Generac Home Standby Generator Warranty Details

Generac offers 5-year limited warranties for standard HSB models.  Generac as well as extended 5, 7 and 10 year warranties for home standby generators.  These warranties cover repairs that result from product defects and parts that require premature replacement. They do not cover standard regular maintenance.

View the full 5-year home standby generator warranty terms and conditions.

Extended Warranties

Generac also offers extended 5, 7 and 10 year warranties for home standby generators through various programs and campaigns. These are obtained through us as a Generac Dealer. Extended warranties will have terms and conditions that differ from the standard warranties.  We provide a concierge service to procure and apply extended warranties for you.

Summary Warranty Guidelines

  • Warranty begins upon successful start-up and/or activation of the unit.
  • This warranty is transferable between ownership at the original installation site.
  • Warranty only applies to permanently wired and mounted units.
  • Warranty repairs MUST be performed by an Independent Authorized Servicing Dealer.
  • Travel allowance is limited to 100 miles max and 3 hours max (per occurrence, whichever is less) round trip. Additional travel will not be covered.
  • Warranty DOES NOT cover the cost of regular maintenance or damage due to improper installs.
  • Steel enclosures are warranted against corrosion caused by factory defects for the first year of ownership.

Note: This article only offers a summary overview of commonly requested details regarding generator warranties, and is not exhaustive or guaranteed to be completely accurate and up to date. 

Warranties do NOT cover

  • Costs of normal maintenance
  • Accessories (which have their own warranties)
  • Rust on enclosures after 1 year
  • Damage caused by accidents, shipping, handling, or improper storage
  • Damage caused by use of improper fuel
  • Damage due to using non-Generac parts
  • Failure due to abuse, neglect, improper installation, or rodent infestation
  • Rental equipment used while warranty generator repairs are being performed.
  • Damage caused by any mode of transport deemed not standard by Generac
  • Products that are modified without Generac authorization
  • Starting batteries, fuses, light bulbs, or engine fluid
  • Additional costs for overtime, holiday, or outside of business hours repairs
  • Acts of God, theft, fire, or other matters beyond the manufacturer’s control

Note: While your warranty cannot cover these items, some of these can be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Be sure to inform your insurance provider when you purchase a home standby generator so that it can be included in the policy.