On March 1 st , 2022, Pedernales Electric Coop announced a change to its Solar InterconnectionRate. The change was made after results of a board-commissioned study were published inNovember 2021. The stated mission of A Review of the Value of…

The Snappening

Once again, the good people of Wimberley were challenged by an unruly meteorological event.The name is still being debated – “#Icenado’23”, “Elmmageddon”, “Oaknarök”, “TheSnappening”. But as chainsaws wail their sad dirges to fallen trees, the community’s response isas expected –…

Generator Technician

Home backup generators may have been considered a niche market a few short years ago, but
as our community continues to jump power hurdles such as epic storms with mass power
outages, global pandemics, war in a critical location for energy production and transfer, and
finally rolling brownouts due to excessive heat and growing grid demand – it would seem the
generator market is here to stay.


With 2021 ending with a collective sigh, we look to ’22 with hope that the new year brings a sentiment of “we got through it!”, not “hold my beer”. To be on the safe side, many residents in our valley…