These are a few of the most common fault codes on Generac Generators. Your product manual also provides troubleshooting guidelines.  If you are experiencing any error codes or issues with your generator, give us a call.

This error indicates that one or both of the auxiliary shutdown toggle switches is in the OFF position (0). One switch is located on the back of the generator, and generators rated at 15kW and greater will have a second shutdown switch inside the generator housing on the firewall panel. Open the lid and look down on the inside right firewall.

This codes normally means the generator isn’t getting enough fuel. If your home standby is displaying this error code, resetting the controller and restarting your unit may do the trick. If your unit does not start after two automatic attempts, there is an issue. Make sure the gas to your generator is turned on. If the handle is lined up with the pipe, your gas is on. If your handle is lined across the pipe, this indicates that the gas is turned off. If the gas is on and your unit is still not working or is running roughly – call for service.

Your unit shows this code when you controller senses an overload condition. The first thing to do is remove loads. In the winter, turning on multiple space heaters or other resistive loads can put your generator into an overload condition. If you remove the loads and the problem persists, a service call is needed. Load shedding (Smart Management Modules) can also be installed to prevent this from happening in the future.

When your home standby is displaying this error, the first thing to check is your oil level. If oil is needed, add oil per recommendations in your owner’s manual (most air cooled units want full synthetic 5W30 oil). Be careful not to overfill the engine – add just a little at a time – these units are generally only 2.5 quart systems!! If the oil level is good and your unit is still not working, a service call is needed.

If the unit was running and shuts down, attempting to restart, clear the alarm by pressing the ENTER button twice, then press AUTO. Next, remove some of the loads. Try putting it back in AUTO and then restart. If it does not start after doing this, you will need to place a service call.

If the unit will not start in AUTO when there is utility loss, clear the alarm by pressing the ENTER button twice, then press AUTO. Then, using the control panel, check the battery. To do this, navigate to the BATTERY MENU option from the MAIN MENU. If it states ‘check battery’, try replacing the battery. If it states that your battery is ‘good’ when being checked, call for a service.

This code can be set off when your controller does not detect the correct RPM. If your unit is displaying this code, you will need to call for service.

This code usually displays when the controller detects high RPM. This can be caused by defective ignition coils, and for this, you will need to call for service.

A sudden drop in voltage can set off this error code. For this code, a service call is needed.